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About Us

About the Founder

Nearly 35 years of Experience

Dean Whipple, President, has been designing and developing business applications since 1984.  He has worked with industry leaders in several industries including Test Monitoring, HVAC, manufacturing and telecommunications.

Dean has worked on hundreds of applications in several dozen companies, making him a well-rounded, solution-oriented software developer.  His experience includes document tracking systems, manufacturing systems, business/accounting applications, telephone provisioning and Internet security.

Why Choose Us ?

Founded in 1990, Automated Business Solutions is a one-man software development company. I have been designing, developing and maintaining web/mobile/desktop applications for business since 1984.

Our Services

Project Planning

Develop plans from your ideas and client feedback with designers, system/IT engineers and software architects.

Software Development

Maintain and improve existing software projects. Create new web and/or desktop applications using the latest technologies.

Production Management

Windows Server, Windows Desktop/Kiosk and Azure remote configuration and ongoing maintenance.


Single Page Application (SPA) projects using ASP.Net WebAPI REST backend.


Expertise includes: ASP.Net, MVC.Net, C#, VB.Net, WPF, WCF, Entity Framework

SQL Server

Windows/Azure SQL Server solutions, optimization and maintenance.

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